You CAN leave your cap on!

When recycling plastic bottles, such as those used for milk, I was advised that you should rinse them and remove the cap before putting in the recycling bin for collection, with the cap going in the general waste. I thought that this was because that the caps couldn’t be recycled due to the material or perhaps the colour. Now I have found this isn’t true, just confusion over recycling facilities.

It was a post on Facebook that alerted me to the error of my ways. Someone had shared a post saying that you could send your bottle caps free post to LUSH, and it would recycle them. “Great!” I thought but I was a bit suspicious that the offer only applied to caps from their own products which wouldn’t be unreasonable. After all, it costs money to process waste even if you can sell the recovered materials for other purposes. Well, I contacted LUSH and indeed you can send them any bottle tops but they did suggest that I contacted my local authority to see if they took them. I did just that and found that they do now take the caps.

The problem was (and still is) the processing machinery has issues with small pieces of material.  The caps can be recycled but you need to rinse the bottles, crush them, then replace the caps. This way the bottle cap size isn’t a problem.

So there you have it. My bottle caps will be recycled in the future!

Check your local services

Visit our directory to check your local recycling facilities. If you can’t find you local services in our list, contact us and we’ll get it added for you. It’s better to use the local service as less transporting of waste.


If you need to take LUSH up on their offer, send your caps to

To find out what the company does with its recycling, check out this video:

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